Green Mantis Kung Fu

Traditional Martial Arts & Medicine School & Clinic


Green Mantis Kung Fu is a Traditional School, Bookstore, Clinic and Research Center.  Sifu Martin D. Werner L.Ac. has been studying internal arts for over 30 years.  He has been teaching since 1984 when he was given formal permission from his instructor.  Martin has studied many lineages of any system he teaches openly.  This is to gain a complete understanding of the art.  Having studied with over 20 Chinese masters and in over 40 styles both in the United States and in China, he continues to train because he is dedicated to learning all there is to know about the arts he teaches.  His classes emphasize self-improvement, contentment, enlightenment and above all else, virtue.


What and When:


Private Lessons – Call for an appointment


Open Door Classes


Monday and Wednesday

6 p.m. Pa Kua Chuan

7 p.m. Tai Chi Chuan

8 p.m. Hsing-I Chuan



Treatments – Call for an appointment


Seminars – Call for up-coming events or to schedule a seminar


Closed Door Classes – In Southern Praying Mantis – by invitation


Traditional Student – by invitation



To get started you can just call (480)782-9393 and do one or more of the following:


1.     Join an open-door class.

2.     Try all three open-door classes in one night for a deposit.  The deposit goes towards your tuition if you decide to join.

3.     Take the instructor out to lunch.


There are no contracts.  You can pay monthly.  If you choose to pay yearly, discounted prices are available.


Students must join the Green Mantis Association (GMA).  The GMA offers at least 4 free seminars a year to its membership. Ask about the study groups in; Chin Na, Chinese Medicine, Theory, Tui Na and Shaolin Kung Fu.




New or used:



Protective gear etc.


Buy, sell, or trade


We have over 2,000 book titles on these and related subjects in stock.




Please call (480)782-9393 for directions and an appointment.


School and Clinic

1344 West University Dr.

Mesa, AZ


(Between Dobson and Alma School)


Research Center

Chandler, AZ has over 4,000 books.---------------------------------- 2009 marks the 25 anniversary of Green Mantis Kung Fu. -------“Titles should be earned. Until I am to the student what the title means they should call me Martin.” For those who do research before joining you should visit the Mesa school. Most of the paper trail for Martin is on the wall for your viewing. What Professor Dr. Reverend Sifu Martin D. Werner D.D. L.Ac. B.S. A.A. L.M.T. L.O.A. S.P. A.A. has earned in titles is but a fraction of what he has learned. The titles like the paper trail are there to help those who need motivation to take the time to get to know the person. To find a good student is harder then it is to find a good teacher. These web sites were produced to help Green Mantis find people the school can teach and the clinic can help. Martin is a volunteer editor for the Wudang Warrior


Medicine and martial applications are the two halves of one whole art

At Green Mantis Kung Fu School of Internal Virtue we teach complete Kung Fu systems.  We have permission to teach many lineages of each of the systems we offer.